Alex is a composer/producer/songwriter/performer/artist with strong roots in abstract work and the psychological effects of sound. He strives for advancement of living creatures by promoting the compound philosophy of human effort, providing a stage and energy flow to supplement people’s inherent purpose drive. His’s continuous aspirations to create media with a positive purpose push him to delve deep into multiple domains to sculpt more focused creations, leading to the eventual mass movement of ideology towards harmonious living in a bigger realm.

Current Focus:
Create because there is an energy inside that cannot be relieved through any other means. When mind fuses with body in a creative way, the universe is ore in tune than during any other conscious act. The creations present an entity to the plane of existence that one moves about in a day to day manner, while also bringing that energy to other, unknown planes.

Turn off reasoning and logic and rely on inherent emotion to drive movement. Achieving fundamentals is the learning process, the time when learning to speak art’s language, one that is constantly evolving with every beat and breathe. Feeling and being is the process.

Creations are a direct reflection of sensory stimulus, imparting the feelings and ideas that have no words on the canvas of recordings. Regardless of the stimulus, allow higher conditions to pull towards the means that will achieve purpose most clearly. Limitations are useful when consciously steering, but sometimes raw flow is the only way to realize the image of senses’ reality, and then break through it into a higher realm.

Allow truths to be told stemming from individual connection and disconnection with reality. The more we as human creatures can see into each others’ existence, the more we are able to harmoniously coexist.

My current projects include researching artistic media’s psychological effect on perspective and creation.